ParagonKBstudio Oakland Kitchen Remodel Featured in Oakland Magazine


The Shaffer's kitchen was featured in Oakland Magazine.
The Schaffer’s kitchen remodel was featured in Oakland Magazine. Click above to read the article.

Regina Schaffer’s kitchen remodel is no accident as is evidenced in the design and execution – but if you ask her how she came to remodel her kitchen the path gets a little more curvy. Like many energy-aware Oaklander’s Regina invested in solar panels for her home. Once they were installed an assessment of her appliances soon followed and it became clear some changes needed to be made. First on her list was changing out her gas range, which when replaced would no longer coordinate with her refrigerator and then it wasn’t long before she took stock of the rest of the kitchen, “ the kitchen cabinets were really obnoxious and I hated the tile, so in the end we just decided to take it down to the studs.”

As is often the case, tearing everything out of the kitchen was the easy part, coming up with a solution for a new kitchen was a little more daunting. “I was feeling kind of lost and didn’t know where to go for design when I noticed Paragon while shopping at Trader Joe’s,” she said. Regina met with Paragon Kitchen & Bath Studio owner Rebecca Fulton and they spoke in broad strokes about what Regina wanted to accomplish; great storage, “a place for everything” clean lines and a modernist sensibility. Rebecca and Regina worked together for several weeks developing the specific details of the kitchen. A pivotal element for Regina was the placement and shape of the windows, which were meant to achieve privacy from the closely set neighboring house, “ but Rebecca really designed the room.” Schaffer stated.

Replete with hidden treasures Rebecca’s design is truly tailored to meet her clients needs. The kitchen includes a hide-away baking station for Regina who is a avid baker, an appliance cabinet with electrical access for myriad small appliances and last but not least a cabinet outfitted to house a doggie door that when closed is indistinguishable from any other cabinet in the room. “Rebecca was a great resource for solutions, we didn’t know all that was available in cabinetry like that there was such a thing as a pop up mixer stand.”

Why Showplace?

Regina’s cabinets were crafted by Showplace Woodworks an employee owned company out of South Dakota. As a semi-custom line, Showplace offers many unique features such as the doors used for the baking station. Rather than swinging open on a hinge, these doors are fashioned to slide back along the inside wall of the cabinet for unobstructed access and counter top use.

So what does Regina think of her new kitchen? “I love it!! And my friends love it, they no longer come over with pre-made food, they come here to cook and I can’t get them out!”